Closed 08/04/2011

Development Site with Approved Plans

191-193 Huron Street


Closed 08/04/2011 at
$1,050,000 | $210 per SF

10,000 BSF
11,000 Approved BSF
10 Approved Residential Units
6 Approved Parking Spaces
R6B Existing Zoning
Lot Sizes 25 ft x 100 ft
Cross Streets McGuinness Blvd & Manhattan Ave
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Development 191-193 Huron Street, Williamsburg
Ofer Cohen
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Block 2523
Lots 49,50
Lot SF 5,000
Existing Building SF 1,727
Existing Building Size 25 ft x 33 ft
Existing Units 2


The development site at 191-193 Huron Street is now offered for sale. The package consists of two 25 ft x 100 ft tax lots with a total lot size of approximately 5,000 SF. The area was recently down-zoned to R6 to R6B, allowing for a 2.0 FAR. The approved plans were filed prior to the rezoning therefore the total of 11,000 BSF has been grandfathered in for residential development.

A small two family building currently sits on 191 Huron Street and has been included in the approved plans.


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