July 21, 2022

Can’t find a street spot? Don’t blame the city

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Crain's New York Business

Although Covid has upended several aspects of life in New York, one thing it has not changed very much is the number of street parking spots in the city.

Before the pandemic hit, New York had roughly 3 million spots, according to the city Department of Transportation. The city has since lost about 8,550 of those, according to the agency. This is likely due to the expanded outdoor dining program, although the DOT did not respond to a question about whether that was the sole factor.

In other words, New York has lost less than half of 1% of its street parking during the pandemic. But finding a spot was not exactly easy before Covid hit, and it remains extremely challenging today, drivers say.”

It’s not even a matter of losing spots to outdoor dining. So many people in the boroughs have bought cars,” said Daniel Lebor, a broker at TerraCRG who has owned a car in Brooklyn for about six years. “It’s always been hard, but it’s definitely much harder now.”

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