Let’s Continue To Make A Difference
June 10, 2020

Let’s Continue To Make A Difference

TerraCRG stands in solidarity with our neighbors, colleagues and friends throughout Brooklyn, NYC and around the world in a movement that demands zero tolerance for discrimination or racism of any form.

Even if and when protests subside, we must all continue to work together in the name of racial justice and equality with persistence and strong-willed intent. As we reflect on this powerful, new civil rights movement, it is imperative that we remain cognizant of, and proactively implement, anti-racist practices within our homes, companies, industries and communities.

It is not a secret that the commercial real estate industry lacks diversity and I truly hope that by having an open dialogue, increased awareness, continuous listening and discussions, we can all start the process to remedy this issue. Our firm is committed to providing a welcoming environment to all and we acknowledge the need to make diversity, equality, and inclusion a priority within our team.

We promise to do more and do better.