April 12, 2020

The Kids in the Hall: Juggling CRE Business with Young Children

Commercial Observer

The real estate can be a challenging industry at the best of times. The work is complex, and the competitors are both numerous and clever. But the industry that has survived World Wars, natural disasters, and numerous financial crashes is now facing an unprecedented challenge: our children.

“I have daily check-in calls with my team,” said Marks, “and there are deals that are still active, deals that I’m negotiating right now.” Sometimes those flare up while his wife is working. “I’m really fortunate and proud to have a wife who’s doing necessary work for the city,” he said. “But if I’m on a Zoom, and my wife is working, the kids, they want attention.”

The good news is that clients are understanding: “I try to remember that it’s funny, that they just want to be kids.”

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