October 8, 2018

The Voices of TerraCRG

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Commercial Observer

TerraCRG, formed in 2008, is the rare commercial real estate firm focused solely on the borough of Brooklyn, currently one of the hottest real estate markets in the country. As such, the company and its brokers are intimately familiar with the borough, understanding the trends, locales and quirks of Brooklyn commercial real estate.

It’s been a big year for the company, as in addition to celebrating its 10th anniversary, TerraCRG closed several sizable Brooklyn deals including the $115M Gowanus Assemblage purchased by Two Trees. TerraCRG has done over $2 billion in sales over the past decade, including over three million buildable-square-feet of development sites.

What do you find special about the expertise TerraCRG brings to a transaction?

Alex Friedman, a partner at Sugar Hill Capital Partners, LLC, has done around two-dozen transactions with TerraCRG and credits the firm’s focus for knowing just the right transactions to present to clients.

“They’re very thoughtful about matching up buyers and sellers, as opposed to just blasting information to the world at large,” said Friedman, referring to his company’s purchase of 59 Bogart Street in Bushwick for $40 million, a deal brought to him by TerraCRG.

“The building needed to be cleaned up, and we have our own operating crew, so we were the right owner for this building, whereas it wouldn’t have been right for a financial buyer. TerraCRG is very thoughtful and strategic about how they sell their buildings.”

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