January 11, 2017

Peter Schubert Discusses Michael Pintchik’s Big Plans for Retail on Brooklyn’s Flatbush Avenue

Mentions News

Commercial Observer

Of particular interest is what he is doing at 166 Flatbush Avenue, across from Barclays Center. There Pintchik signed a deal with a group of partners led by Peter Levin, the owner of sports bar Professor Thom’s in the East Village, and Jay Zimmerman, the owner of Queens watering hole Astoria’s Sek’end Sun, for a new sports-themed gastro pub called Kings Town with a 5,000-square-rooftop bar.

“It will be the venue for sporting events viewing in the borough,” said Peter Schubert of TerraCRG, who handled the deal for Pintchik. “[Pintchik is] old school but forward-looking. When Michael likes a certain concept, he does what it takes to work with the tenant and does what it takes to make the deal happen.”

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