Jourdon Delerme-Brown had the privilege of growing up in the suburban community of Mount Vernon in Westchester, NY, frequenting his family’s homes throughout Brooklyn. Jourdon graduated from Brunswick School in Greenwich, Connecticut with academic and athletic honors, then attended Middlebury College, where he graduated with a joint Bachelor of Arts in Chinese Language Studies and Political Science. During his undergraduate years, Jourdon solidified his Chinese proficiency in Beijing, China, where he received a degree of completion from Capital Normal University. At Middlebury College, Jourdon also co-founded The Student-Athletes of Color Organization, sat as a member of the College’s Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Committee, and played on Middlebury’s Varsity Football Team. Jourdon cultivated his tertiary academic interest of finance through the completion of courses at the NYU Schack Institute where he received a certificate of completion for his participation in the Global Belt-Road Initiative symposium, as well as gaining experience in financial modeling, market analysis, financial risk management, and asset management. 

Prior to specializing in development and foreign investment in the North-Central Brooklyn region at TerraCRG, Jourdon interned at the firm, gaining experience in sales and leasing. Jourdon has spent time at American Corporate Partners, where he focused on career development for transitioning veterans. He also has experience as head media analyst for HengFang Media Company in Beijing where he utilized his Chinese language proficiency to conduct presentations and facilitate negotiations and translate data. He also actively serves as a member of Help USA’s Associate Board.

In his leisure, Jourdon enjoys reading historical fiction novels, translating Confucian analects, playing sports, appreciating art, traveling, and is a fan of the Yankees, Manchester United, the Giants, and the Ravens.