Jamie Walker joined TerraCRG in March 2020 as a Senior Associate on the Investment Sales team focused on multifamily and mixed-use assets. As an entrepreneur and former CEO, he brings 15+ years of experience in institutional finance and global business in financial and commodity markets. His expertise includes complex deal structuring, contract negotiation, due diligence, valuation, strategic planning, sales and marketing, financial analysis/modeling, and risk management. He has extensive experience working with financial institutions, regulators, accountants, attorneys, investment firms, and investors.

Previously, Jamie founded and grew DQL Energy, a multinational oil brokerage. During 10 years as CEO, he built relationships with key energy industry players such as oil companies, refiners, government ministries, sovereign wealth funds, institutional banks and regulators. DQL was instrumental in the trading of a new Middle East oil benchmark.

Prior to DQL, Jamie was a leading broker in Asian oil and coal markets at Amerex Petroleum, Singapore. As a pioneer in the financial derivatives market for coal in Asia, he brokered thermal coal, helped mine owners bring new supply to market, and structured some of the first hedging contracts for Japanese and South Korean power utilities.