Damhi (da-my) Shaw joined TerraCRG in 2017 as an Associate on the investment sales team led by Peter Matheos. Shaw is focused on marketing multifamily, mixed-use, and retail properties located in the South and Central Brooklyn regions.

Prior to joining the firm, Damhi worked for a small e-commerce company located in Industry City. Fascinated by the revival of this complex and others just like it throughout the borough, Shaw started to study commercial real estate news and trends. It didn’t take long until he realized that the dynamic nature of the industry, and the entrepreneurial drive required for success, would be a great fit for him.

Born and raised in the Caribbean, Damhi moved to East Flatbush, Brooklyn in his teens and has spent the last 10 years becoming very familiar with the surrounding neighborhoods. He is passionate about helping property owners navigate through the changing market conditions as Brooklyn real estate continues to evolve.

Trying to give back in any way that he can, Damhi spent over a year volunteering at MRNY, a non-profit organization that provides civic services to immigrants and working-class individuals in NYC. There, he did citizenship interviews with adults who spoke English as a second language, providing the necessary practice they needed to get through the USCIS citizenship process.

Damhi holds a B.A. in Asian Studies from SUNY New Paltz where he sat on the board of the International Student Union and was very involved in the study abroad community as a whole. He makes a point of visiting New Paltz at least once a year to get his hiking fix.

Damhi likes staying active, so in true Brooklyn spirit, cycling is his main method of transportation. In his free time, he enjoys drumming, studying Japanese, and cooking, among many other interests.